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Kids Can - Asparagus!

Asparagus Food Hero Monthly

Asparagus cooks quickly. Cook it until just barely tender. Thicker stalks take longer to cook. Overcooked or reheated cooked asparagus may become bitter and stringy or mushy.

❁ Boil or blanch in enough water to cover the stalks.

❁ Steam over boiling water.

Asparagus - Store Well Waste Less

Store Well Waste Less Asparagus

■ Refrigerate fresh asparagus for up to 5 days.

Types of Asparagus


Generally, thinner spears are more delicate and tender; thicker spears have stronger flavor and hearty texture. Thicker spears can be sliced on the diagonal into smaller pieces to cook more quickly.

❁ Green – the most common type.

Asparagus - Shop and Save!

Asparagus Food Hero Monthly

❁ Look for stalks that are firm with tightly closed tips. Color can be bright green, creamy white or even purple.

❁ Stalks with the same thickness will cook in the same amount of time.