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Older Adults

Food Hero is here for older adults. On this page you’ll find all the Food Hero for Older Adults topics.  These printable newsletters are full of tips on healthy eating and physical activity.  You can also find recipes you can make at home. In addition, there are plenty of other tools for healthy eating.

If you have an interest in gardening, check out the gardening tips and resources section.  You can also try our brain teasers and online activities and check out recommended resources.

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Food Hero For Older Adults

Interested in learning more about healthy eating and physical activity? Our team of experts has created newsletters packed with tips.  Learn how to include a variety of physical activity in your day, or how to ensure you're getting enough of the nutrients you need for healthy aging. Sign up to receive our emailed newsletters.  We'll send them once a month right to your inbox!


Healthy Recipes for Older Adults

Food Hero recipes are designed to be a part of a healthy eating pattern, no matter your age. Some are perfect for when you want to make just enough for one or two servings. Others are grouped for people who may be following a special diet, such as low-sodium or high-fiber.

Tools for Healthy Eating

Below you'll find resources on healthy eating.  Topics range from food safety to learning how to read and understand a Nutrition Facts label.  You'll also find tips to make meal planning and cooking easier! 

Gardening Tips and Resources

Gardening can help you grow some of your own food and enjoy the outdoors with others.  Here, we've gathered (pun intended) some of our best gardening tips for you.

Brain Teasers and Activities

Games and activities that require mental exercise have benefits for brain health.  Check out some fun activities below. 


Box of Commodity Foods

Oregon Food Resources

Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) of Oregon - a tool to locate local food resources and nearby Meals on Wheels sites

Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) – works to improve the health of Oregonians at least 60 years old with nutritious USDA foods. Learn more about how to qualify.

Farm Direct Nutrition Program - provides eligible older adults with checks to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables from local farmers. 

Food Finder - statewide database of free grocery, meal and produce sites 

Nutrition and Physical Activity

Better Bones and Balance - exercise classes based on research from Oregon State University, designed to improve balance and strength and reduce falls and maintain independence

StrongPeople (also known as StrongWomen) - an exercise program developed at Tufts University

Walk with Ease – a free exercise program for Oregonians that can reduce pain and improve overall health. Find a group or stay active online.

Healthy Aging

Oregon Department of Human Services Healthy Aging – find statewide resources as well as information to help support healthy aging

National Institute on Aging, Health Information - Explore a wide range of health topics and resources on aging and well-being

United States Department of Health and Human Services, Healthy Aging – Discover tips and resources for healthy aging