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Oregon Garden Challenge

What is the Challenge? Grow different seeds! 
Anyone can join using their own seeds!  The first 3,000 Oregonians who sign up and request seeds will receive 4 types of seeds in the mail.  The seeds mailed out will be a mix of those listed here: How to Plant and Grow Seeds.

How do I join? 
Fill out a very short survey: Grow This Survey.

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Art contest, activities, coloring sheets, …and tons of kid-approved recipes!

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Cooking for a Crowd?

Check out our Quantity Recipes, a great help for parties and other events with large numbers of people.  All these recipes were approved by Child Nutrition Specialists and meet the USDA meal pattern requirements for schools and child centers. Delicious and healthy!

Monthly Magazine

Come see all the Monthly Magazines that we've published.  We hope you find them helpful in cooking healthy meals for you and your family!

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