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For Kids

Food Hero offers many tools and resources for kids and teenagers.  Whether you are a kid, have kids at home, or work with kids in any way, Food Hero has something for you!

This page has online games and fun activities and videos for learning more about food and healthy eating. You will even find printable activity and coloring sheets. If you like to cook or bake, check out the kid-friendly recipes to try at home. If you are interested in gardening, head on over to our gardening section.

young girl mixing ingredients in bowl

Online Fun and Games

Looking for fun games and learning activities to do online?  Below you will find brain teasers, online stories to read, funny jokes and so much more!

Kids' Learning Corner

Learning doesn’t have to wait for the classroom.  Check out these videos below where you can learn more about food and healthy eating and even see how recipes are made and follow along!

Also, visit our YouTube Channel to see all of our videos!

Kids' Activity Sheets

Crosswords, coloring, jokes, poems and songs! To have fun with these and lots more activities, just click on the sheets below and let the fun begin! If you need to, ask an adult for help printing these out at home.

Art and Coloring Sheets

Do you love to color?  Here we have plenty of coloring sheets and line pattern art sheets for you to do online or print and color at home.  Make sure to share your art with us so that we can feature it online or on our social media pages!

Kids in the Kitchen

Food Hero has developed recipes with kids and teens in mind.  Our kid-approved recipes have been tested and approved by kids in Oregon, so we hope you give these recipes a thumbs-up too! You can also view all of our healthy and yummy recipes!

Gardening is for Kids, Too!

At Food Hero, we love to help connect what we grow to what we eat by sharing about gardening. Growing Healthy Kids is a garden-themed nutrition education curriculum developed at Oregon State University.  It includes video and other materials with great tips and tricks that anyone can use!  Explore Oregon Bees is a bee-themed nutrition and garden environmental education activity book developed at Oregon State University by the Oregon Bee Project and Food Hero. 

Our Song!

Click the play button to play our awesome Food Hero song!