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Recipe Montage Video Compilations

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Our recipe montage videos contain many of our favorite recipe videos and are perfect to display in waiting rooms, food pantries, and grocery store monitors! The videos come in short and long versions. If you need the video files please email food.hero@oregonstate.edu. At the bottom of this page is a list of the recipes in the videos.

Longer Video (39 minutes) - English


Longer Video (1 hour) - English + Spanish


Shorter Videos (21 minutes each) - English & Spanish


Shorter video contents:

  1. Food Hero Champion: Rice Bowl
  2. Food Hero Champion: Oatmeal
  3. Food Hero Champion: Pizza
  4. Food Hero Champion: Corn Pancakes
  5. Food Hero Champion: Pasta Salad
  6. Food Hero Champion: Muffins
  7. Great Ideas: Pancakes
  8. Great Ideas: Quesadilla
  9. Armand Larive Middle School: Potato Wedges
  10. Armand Larive Middle School: Popeye Power Smoothie
  11. Armand Larive Middle School: Overnight Oatmeal
  12. Armand Larive Middle School: Couscous Salad
  13. Armand Larive Middle School: Pumpkin Pudding
  14. Armand Larive Middle School: Cauliflower Tots
  15. Armand Larive Middle School: Broccoli and Everything

Longer video contents: the 15 recipes/videos above, PLUS these WIC created Farmers Market videos with Food Hero recipes, and the Spanish/English also contains Spanish versions of the 15 videos listed above.  

  1. WIC-Food Hero Video Butternut Apple Crisp
  2. WIC-Food Hero Video Chicken Cabbage Stir-Fry
  3. WIC-Food Hero Video Farmers Market Salsa
  4. WIC-Food Hero Video Kale Chips
  5. WIC-Food Hero Video Parsley and Herbs
  6. WIC-Food Hero Video Roasted Cauliflower
  7. WIC-Food Hero Video Spring Green Salad
Last updated: 11/05/19