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Featured Food - Spinach

Join Ms. Anslow and Everett as they discover what makes spinach a popular crop around the world!

Featured Food - Beef

Featured Food - Broccoli

Featured Food - Cabbage

Featured Food - Cauliflower

Featured Food - Cucumbers

Featured Food - Dairy and Plants

Featured Food - Frozen Foods

Did you know that for thousands of years, people all around the world have been freezing food to preserve it? Join Ms. Jennifer to learn more about the history and nutrition of frozen foods.

Featured Food - Green Beans

Featured Food - Microgreens

Did you know you can grow microgreens from many kinds of vegetable and herb seeds? Join Julius as he discovers how he can grow microgreens from radish seeds!

Featured Food - Oranges

Featured Food - Parsnips

Featured Food - Potatoes

Featured Food - Pumpkin

Featured Food - Radishes

Join Everett as he discovers what frost is and how frost can help you plan the best time to plant radishes where you live!

Featured Food - Watermelon

Featured Food - Winter Squash

Kids Can - Apple Germ Experiment

Kids Can - Make Whole Wheat Flour

Kids Can - Flavored Water

Kids Can Rinse Potatoes with Everett

#LiveLikeAFoodHero - Breakfast

#LiveLikeAFoodHero - Healthy Beverages

#LiveLikeAFoodHero - Healthy Celebrations

#LiveLikeAFoodHero - Heart Health

#LiveLikeAFoodHero - How to Be a Food Hero


#LiveLikeAFoodHero - Healthy Snacks

Recipe Spotlight - Mix and Match Skillet Meal

Find the recipe here:

Pumpkin Harvest

Root Vegetables

Stem Vegetables

Contaminated Sandwich Food Safety Lesson

MyPlate - Kitchen Safety

When in the kitchen, safety comes first! Join Ms. Marson and her sidekick Julius to learn how to have a safe and fun time in the kitchen!

MyPlate - Overview

Join the fun with Ms. Jennifer to earn your MyPlate stamp! Learn how you can make balanced meals to make sure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs to keep you healthy and strong! For more resources and recipe help head over to!

MyPlate - Grains Group

Whole grains, there is so much to learn! Learn why grains are such an important part of our diet along with tips and tricks for how you can eat more whole grains. Just remember the goal is to make half of the grains you eat whole grains. You can do it!

MyPlate - Vegetable Group

Ms. Jennifer has so much to teach you about veggies today! Don't miss out on all of the fun and learning!

MyPlate - Fruit Group

Join Julius as he discovers why he should focus on whole fruits.

MyPlate - Protein Group

Earn your protein stamp here today! Just remember our protein motto, "Go lean and vary your protein!"

MyPlate - Dairy Group

Join Ms. Rachel to learn more about the dairy group and a very special mineral that helps our bones grow strong! Can you name that mineral?

MyPlate - Make Every Bite Count

Welcome to the last video in the MyPlate series. Join Ms. Anslow and Everett as they learn more about the tools they can use to help make every bite count!

Videos in this Collection

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