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Featured Food - Beef

Featured Food - Broccoli

Featured Food - Cauliflower

Featured Food - Cucumbers

Featured Food - Dairy and Plants

Featured Food - Green Beans

Featured Food - Oranges

Featured Food - Parsnips

Featured Food - Potatoes

Featured Food - Pumpkin

Featured Food - Watermelon

Kids Can - Make Whole Wheat Flour

Kids Can - Flavored Water

Kids Can Rinse Potatoes with Everett

#LiveLikeAFoodHero - Breakfast

#LiveLikeAFoodHero - Healthy Beverages

#LiveLikeAFoodHero - Healthy Celebrations

#LiveLikeAFoodHero - Heart Health

#LiveLikeAFoodHero - How to Be a Food Hero


#LiveLikeAFoodHero - Healthy Snacks

MyPlate - Dairy Group

MyPlate - Fruit Group

MyPlate - Grains Group

MyPlate - MyPlate Overview

MyPlate - Kitchen Safety

MyPlate - Protein Group

MyPlate - Vegetable Group

Recipe Spotlight - Mix and Match Skillet Meal

Find the recipe here:

Pumpkin Harvest

Root Vegetables

Stem Vegetables

Contaminated Sandwich Food Safety Lesson

Videos in this Collection