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Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt (Video and online activity)

Scavenger Hunt

As you watch the video, check the box when you find a food that matches the description in each square below.   Print version of Scavenger Hunt (PDF)
image 1
It grows underground.
image 2
It has edible leaves.
image 3
You can use it to make juice.
image 4
You have never seen it before.
image 5
You have never tasted it before.
image 6
It has edible stems.
image 7
It grows on a tree.
image 8
It is orange.
image 9
It is purple.
image 10
It has fruits.
image 11
It is white.
image 12
It has edible flowers.

Great job, you found them all!

Have some puppies!

puppy pic puppy pic