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Summer Berry Recipes

Summer Berry Recipes
Jul 02, 2024

July is here, bringing sunny days perfect for spending time outside. It's also peak berry season! Let’s focus on some delicious and nutritious berries you can enjoy this month.


Strawberries are at their peak ripeness and flavor when you buy them from local growers. In Oregon, you can find the freshest strawberries from May to September.   So, make sure to check out your local farmers market or u-pick farm.  

Here are some tips for enjoying them at their best:

Storage: Keep strawberries refrigerated with their leafy caps attached. To delay spoilage, wait to wash them until you’re ready to serve or freeze them.
Use or Freeze Quickly: Plan to use or freeze strawberries within 1 to 3 days for the best flavor and texture.
Preparation: Rinse strawberries under cool running water just before serving. Drain and pat dry, then remove caps with a twist or the tip of a knife.
Freezing: Freeze cleaned strawberries for longer storage. For best quality, use within 12 months. Freeze whole berries on a baking sheet, then transfer them to labeled freezer containers or freezer bags.

Learn more about strawberries here.

Strawberry Recipes:

strawberry rhubarb smoothie on table


-    Strawberry Rhubarb Smoothie
-    Watermelon and Fruit Salad

Kids home for the summer? Here are two fun activity sheets:

-    Strawberry coloring sheet
-    Strawberry word search


Fresh blueberries are available all year but are at peak quality and lowest price when locally available. The peak season is from July to September. Consider visiting your local farmers market or a u-pick farm.

Stock up on fresh blueberries when they are at their lowest price and freeze them to have on hand throughout the year.  Here’s how to freeze blueberries:

1.    Sort and rinse the berries.
2.    Allow them to air dry or pat gently with paper towels to remove surface moisture.
3.    Spread in a single layer on flat pans or baking sheets. Freeze until firm.
4.    Pack frozen berries in freezer containers or freezer bags. Remove extra air, label and date each package, then place in the freezer.

Plan to use frozen blueberries within 10 months for best quality.

Learn more about blueberries here

Blueberry Recipes:

whole wheat blueberry muffins on table

-    Whole-Wheat Blueberry Muffins 
-    Barley Summer Salad


-    Raspberries may be at peak quality and lowest price when they are available locally. In Oregon, the peak season is from June through August. Try your local farmers market or pick your own at a u-pick farm.

To freeze raspberries:
1.    Rinse berries and pat dry. 
2.    Freeze whole berries on a tray until firm. 
3.    Package in freezer containers or freezer bags. 
4.     Label with the date and use within 8 to 12 months for best quality.

Learn more about raspberries here

Raspberry Recipes:

raspberry oatmeal bars served on table

-   Raspberry Oatmeal Bars 

-   Raspberry Fruit Dip 

Happy berry season! Enjoy these tasty recipes featuring some of your favorite summer berries.


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