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Tomato: Determinant vs. Indeterminant

close up of tomato plant sprouting tiny roots
Jun 07, 2023

“Tomatoes come in 2 types – Determinant and Indeterminant. Indeterminant are taller, wider plants and must have support. A gardener realized they had placed an indeterminant tomato plant in a spot that would not have enough space. Luckily, they figured that out soon after planting, so the roots had not grown very much, and the plant could be dug up and moved easily. It was interesting to see the tiny roots starting from where the lower leaves had been cut off before planting.

Indeterminant tomatoes are taller, wider plants that ripen over a longer season and must have support. Try to put in the support as you plant the tomato seedling so the roots can grow around it and not be disturbed later.

This is an update from Robin at the Washington County Master Gardener Association Learning Garden at Jenkins Estate. Master Gardeners are growing along for the 2023 Food Hero Grow This! Gardening challenge. Thousands of Oregonians have received their seeds from Food Hero, and OSU Master Gardener volunteers are growing along right beside you to share updates and growing tips.

You can visit the garden and see all of this work live! The Learning Garden is there to show different growing techniques, plants, and designs that work well in the local climate.

Washington County Master Gardener Association Learning Garden at Jenkins Estate
8005 SW Grabhorn Rd., Beaverton, Oregon 97007
Open seven days a week, dawn to dusk.
Want to visit and ask questions? Master Gardeners work in the gardens on Thursdays, 9 am - 1 pm.

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