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Let's talk more about zinnias

two hands with gardening gloves on planting a small green zinnia plant start in garden bed soil
Jun 07, 2023

“Zinnias are a valuable addition to your vegetable garden because they attract pollinators to your garden. They also repel harmful pests, improve soil quality, add color and beauty, and are incredibly easy to grow. Plus you can pick the flowers for a lovely bouquet! Here in Roseburg, we are past our last frost date, so it’s an ideal time to plant these flowers, which are easy to grow. We like to plant each seed about 3 inches apart and if we are planting a zinnia that is already growing in a 4-inch pot, we plant them 18 inches apart so there are plenty of nutrients and space for the plants to produce great blooms! If you plant a zinnia seed, you can see those gorgeous flowers in about 2 months.

This is an update from Cheryl at the Douglas County Master Gardener Discovery Garden in Roseburg. Master Gardeners are growing-along for the 2023 Food Hero Grow This! Gardening challenge. Thousands of Oregonians have received their seeds from Food Hero, and OSU Master Gardener volunteers are growing along right beside you to share updates and growing tips.

Come visit the garden at 101 River Forks Park Road, Roseburg, Oregon. Hours are from dawn to dusk. Also at this site is the amazing Discovery Garden where the master gardener association manages 20 different gardens ranging from rock garden to xeriscape to easy access to children’s garden. Something is always in bloom in the Discovery Garden!

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