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Growing tomatoes in buckets

tomato plants growing in white buckets, three, with metal support systems
Jun 07, 2023

“SAVE those old BUCKETS ! (Handles not needed....and holes are welcomed.) 

Tomatoes grow nicely in 5-gallon buckets (both Determinate and semi-Determinate tomato cultivars.) This way of growing tomatoes is ideal for DIY garden containers and small spaces. 

Fill your drilled bucket with potting soil, add your fertilizer, and plant the tomato half the height of their main stem. Drill 4 equally spaced 5/16" holes in the "out-sides" bottom edge of the bucket.  Re-purpose any bucket lid, to serve as your saucer underneath the bucket. 

If you use a tomato cage, Velcro or tie at least 2 stakes to the cage to give it strength to stay up-right.

Soon our plants are going to produce yummy tomatoes.” 

This is an update from Shirley at the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden in Eugene. Master Gardeners are growing-along for the 2023 Food Hero Grow This! Gardening challenge. Thousands of Oregonians have received their seeds from Food Hero, and OSU Master Gardener volunteers are growing along right beside you to share updates and growing tips.

You can visit the Master Gardener Adaptative Committee Specialists Garden and see all of this work live and in person. The garden is open to the public Monday thru Thursday, 10AM-4PM. 996 Jefferson St., Eugene, Oregon

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