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Plan de Estudios para Niños Sanos - currículum completo

Growing Healthy Kids (GHK) is a garden-themed, nutrition education curriculum best aligned to Common Core Standards for students in 2nd and 3rd grades. GHK was developed at Oregon State University for use in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) program of Oregon.

GHK includes seven (7) lessons with options for an outdoor, indoor, or hybrid (combination of activities from both mural and indoor gardens) garden, to give students opportunities to learn basic plant parts and try a variety of fruits and vegetables. Along with core journaling and gardening activities, lessons include food tasting activities, recipe print-outs, physical activity options, coloring sheets, and suggestions for supplemental storybooks to go with lesson themes.

The current version of GHK (5.0) was adapted and refined from the original curriculum, based on results from series of formative, process, and outcome evaluations. In 2016, an outcome evaluation of GHK 4.0 was conducted with third-graders in three schools in central Oregon. The study used a quasi-experimental, pre- and post-test design to compare GHK curriculum delivery with a series of food-tasting only nutrition education lessons. The evaluation found that students who received GHK curriculum exhibited significantly larger gains than the comparison group students on two important outcomes: the number of vegetables and fruits eaten, and their reported preference for a range of garden vegetables. GHK is considered evidence-based and practice-tested. 

The GHK curriculum may be used free of charge, as long as Oregon State University Extension Service is credited appropriately: the Oregon State University Extension Service logo and a statement crediting Oregon State University Extension Service must appear on all handouts and other GHK materials.

GHK Virtual Toolkit

Section I: Overview
Section II: Lesson Plans
At home video per lesson - Family Video Series
Section III: Appendices
Appendix A: Food Adventurer
Appendix B: Hand Washing
Appendix C: Educator Kit
Appendix D: Plant Part Poster
Appendix E: MyPlate Gardening
Appendix F: Journal
Appendix G: Coloring Sheets
Appendix H: Food Adventurer Adjectives Worksheet
Appendix I: Food Adventurer Stickers
Appendix J: Educator's Guide to Gardening
Appendix K: Growing in Containers
Appendix L: Flashcards
Appendix M: Mural Pictures
Appendix N: Recipes
Appendix O: Garden Sign
Appendix P: Graduation Certificate
Appendix Q: Flavored Water
Appendix R: Activity Chart Lesson-by-Lesson
Appendix S: What I Ate Worksheet
Appendix T: PVC Lights
Appendix U: Storybooks
Appendix V: Glossary
Appendix W: Mission Log
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