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Jardinería con Héroe de Alimentos

Grow This Challenge

Join the Grow This! Oregon Garden Challenge

Are you ready to join with your family, friends and neighbors? This is your chance to garden together, eat what you grow and share gardening knowledge and skills!

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Gardening Videos

What are you growing this year? Want to try something new, or improve your harvest? Our gardening videos are for kids and adults - including families, school groups and community groups - who want to learn more about growing food. Follow along for tips and tricks!

Also, visit our YouTube channel to see all the videos!

Gardening Calendar

Tips for gardening in Oregon through all seasons. Download your own calendar to plan your garden!

How Bees Help Make Healthy Food

Next time you take a bite out of an apple or eat a tasty berry, thank a bee! Bees are a group of insects that help make some of our favorite foods. How do they do this? Through a process called pollination. Read more.

Garden Tip Sheets

Find tips and tricks to get you gardening today. See all the tip sheets.

Growing Healthy Kids

Growing Healthy Kids is a garden-themed nutrition-education curriculum developed at Oregon State University. It includes videos and other materials with great tips and tricks that any one can use!

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Questions and Answers

Read our answers to often asked questions about gardening.