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Quick Garden Tips

  • Radishes are easy and quick to grow from seed. They are perfect for small gardens, raised beds and containers.
  • Sprinkle seeds over damp soil and cover with at least ½ inch of soil. Water seeds after planting and keep the soil moist.
  • After the seeds sprout and form a second set of leaves, thin them to leave 1 or 2 inches between each radish. Thin radishes by snipping the extra seedlings with small scissors at the base of the soil.
  • Rather than planting many seeds at one time, plant some radish seeds every 10 days for a longer harvest.

Season and Location

  • Radishes grow best in cool weather. If summers are hot, try planting in spring and again in the fall.
  • Plant in well-drained soil in sun or part shade.

Container Gardening

  • Choose containers at least 6 inches deep and with holes in the bottom for drainage.
  • Keep soil evenly moist; never allow pots to dry completely.
  • For better tasting radishes, move containers to cooler areas during hot summer months.

Key Pests and Diseases

  • Flea beetles, aphids
  • Control flea beetles with row covers.
  • Rinse aphids away with a hard spray of water.

When to Plant and Harvest Radishes in Oregon

  • Central and Eastern: Plant seeds from April to June to harvest May through July.
  • Columbia, Snake, and Western Valleys: Plant seeds from March to July to harvest April through September.
  • Coast: Plant seeds from January to November to harvest February through December.

3 regions of Oregon showing months to plant and harvest Radishes.

Recommended Types to Grow

  • Red: Fuego, Comet, French Breakfast, Cherry Belle, Early Scarlet Globe, Champion
  • White: Burpee White, White Icicle, Early White Globe, Faribo White Snowball

When and How to Harvest

  • Radishes are ready to pick 3 to 6 weeks after seeds are planted. Look at the seed packet for the estimated days to harvest for your variety.
  • Pick radishes as soon as they are a useable size. When left in the ground longer, they may crack, become spongy or woody and have a hot flavor.
  • Harvest radishes by pulling on the base of the green leaves near the soil.

Storage and Cooking

  • Rinse and dry the radish roots and greens after picking.
  • Cut the greens from the roots and refrigerate them in separate containers. The greens are best used within 3 days. The radish roots are best used within 2 weeks.
  • Top salads, sandwiches, tacos or stews with sliced radishes for flavor and crunch.
  • Roast radishes with other vegetables or add radish and radish greens to a stir-fry. Cooked radishes have a mellow and sweet flavor.
  • Try this Food Hero recipe: Radish and Cucumber Salad
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