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Healthy and Fun Celebrations

Healthy and Fun Celebrations at Home, School or Anywhere

Action Snacks

  • Shape it! Cut fruit, veggies and sandwiches into fun shapes.Try using a cookie cutter or melon baller. Use leftover pieces in smoothies, soups, or pasta sauces.
  • Dip it! Dip fruit in low-fat yogurt, pudding or Food Hero Pumpkin Fruit Dip; try veggies with Food Hero Ranch Dressing.
  • Create it! Make each plate a work of art. Arrange food to make a flower or funny face.
  • Build it! Choose different toppings to make a healthy yogurt parfait or snack/trail mix or fruit kabobs.
  • Taste it! Have a tasting party with fruits and veggies. Try tasting a rainbow of colors or compare varieties of apples or sample less familiar fruits and veggies.

Celebrate Without Food

  • Read aloud from a book that a child chooses, to friends, family or even in the classroom.
  • Move from place to place with a scavenger hunt related to a theme.
  • Sing and dance to some favorite music. Have a mini talent show.
  • Give favors like pencils or stickers instead of snacks.
  • Spend time at a special place or with special people. Invite them to the classroom or take a trip to visit them.
  • Create a banner, cards, bracelets, or head bands to celebrate the event. Supply paper, crayons, markers, stickers, or stamps.

Healthy Celebrations Ideas


Do-It-Yourself Trail Mix

Banana Bobs

Fruit Pizza

Make It Seasonal

Fall - Draw faces on mandarin oranges or string cheese packages.
Winter - Create a tree on a platter with broccoli.
Spring - Package vegetables or trail mix as butterflies.
Summer - Arrange fruit to make a rainbow.


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