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Photo Releases

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Any photo or video used by Food Hero with a model has a photo release, and most likely an OSU release linked below, or in a few cases is a stock photo legally obtained.  

If a photo with a human model/s was taking by someone outside OSU and the creator and distributor of the photo/video has a model release from the person/s there is a chance Food Hero could use their release under the following conditions.  If all the conditions are not met Food Hero would need the person/s in the photo/video to also sign an OSU release.

  • The non-OSU creator/distributor of the photo/video would need a model release from the person/family.
  • Within that relase it would need to say that creator/distributor can use the photo/video however they want.  The Food Hero campus team would want to see the release to verify that langauge and the person/s signed it. 
  • Food Hero would need written permission, such as via email, from that creator/distributor that they are giving Food Hero permission to use the photo.  
  • Food Hero would give that creator/distributor credit on or near the photo anytime we used that photo.  

For any further questions please email the Food Hero campus team at food.hero@oregonstate.edu.

Photo Releases
Artwork Releases
Última actualización: 11/22/19