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Virtual Classroom

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Food Hero Virtual Classroom Materials are now being posted per ingredient in our Ingredients section and on social media. 

A few great resources:

You can join the class through one of these steps, pick any one: 

  1. A class link: Google Classroom
  2. A class code: 2p3molj.  Go to and sign into your gmail account.  At the top of the page look for a plus sign (+), click it to "join class" and enter your code
  3. An email invitation: send an email request to
Choice Board Development Toolkit

    To use any of the Food Hero creative materials used in our virtual classroom resources please email  


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    Food Hero Video Library

    You can find Food Hero videos in a number of ways, categorized differently to help you find what you need:

    Partner favorite: we combined our short recipe video files into various montage videos ranging from 21 minutes to 60 minutes in length -- available in English and Spanish.   Click this direct link to view them:   If you need the original files email us at

    Extension Video and Multimedia Recommendations: Guidance and tools for creating and editing quality videos.

    Food Hero Video Production Tips/Guide
    Recipe Montage at WIC Office

    Social Media

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    We create daily engaging, actionable, fun, kid inclusive messages on social media!  

    Please join Food Hero and our social media followers today by clicking through to our social media sites on the header of any page of the website, plus you can find ingredients based social media posts here:

    Need a high resolution photo of one of our recipes, or a video file to post on social media?  Simply email

    Research Article

    Food Hero Social Media Tools

    The following tools help Food Hero create social media and may be useful to others.

    Social Media Information

    Email FHM Signup

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    Fun fact: we have more than 4,000 Food Hero Monthly email subscribers from more than 40 countries and all US states.  

    Background: The sign-up sheets are to be used for collecting email addresses of participants interested in receiving our Food Hero Monthly by email.  Some participants will find the sign-up sheets more convienent than using our online sign-up:  


    1. Print color copies of the Food Hero sign up sheets in your County or let the Food Hero Campus team know if you want us to send you copies.  English and Spanish files are available below.
    2. Clip the copies onto clipboards, with pens, to use/place on Food Hero event tables.
    3. Display the sign-up sheets at family nights, community events, pantries, and more!  
    4. When you are able to, check to be sure participants email addresses are complete and readable while they are still at your event table.
    5. If you provide an English and Spanish sign-up sheet know that If they sign up on the English sheet, they will receive the email in English, and vice versa.  Put English on one clipboard, Spanish on another.
    6. Right after an event scan and send a copy of lists you compile to  We will add those email addresses to our database to receive the monthly emails.

    FAQ you may get:

    • How often will I get an email?  Once per month.
    • Can I opt out?  Yes, you can opt out at any time by clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of an email.
    • What is in the email?  A copy of the Food Hero monthly, which features the Featured Food of the month and a link to related recipes.
    • Can I later change the language I get the email in?  Yes. In your Food Hero Monthly email, there is an option at the bottom to request to get it in another language. (Languages available: English and Spanish)


    Food Hero Email Sign-Up Sheets
    Monthly email example

    Photo Releases

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    Any photo or video used by Food Hero with a model has a photo release, and most likely an OSU release linked below, or in a few cases is a stock photo legally obtained.  

    If a photo with a human model/s was taking by someone outside OSU and the creator and distributor of the photo/video has a model release from the person/s there is a chance Food Hero could use their release under the following conditions.  If all the conditions are not met Food Hero would need the person/s in the photo/video to also sign an OSU release.

    • The non-OSU creator/distributor of the photo/video would need a model release from the person/family.
    • Within that relase it would need to say that creator/distributor can use the photo/video however they want.  The Food Hero campus team would want to see the release to verify that langauge and the person/s signed it. 
    • Food Hero would need written permission, such as via email, from that creator/distributor that they are giving Food Hero permission to use the photo.  
    • Food Hero would give that creator/distributor credit on or near the photo anytime we used that photo.  

    For any further questions please email the Food Hero campus team at

    Photo Releases
    Artwork Releases
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