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Virtual Classroom

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Food Hero Virtual Classroom Materials are now being posted per ingredient in our Ingredients section and on social media. 

Great Food Hero resources you can link to in your virtual classroom:  

Oregon Department of Education virtual classroom resources.

Training on creating engaging videos on PowerPoint:

Teacher tips from the field: 

  • For lower elementary school kids, the most links to add for their little fingers is about six per choice board. Older kids could do more. 

Food Hero Google Classroom:

You can join the class through one of these steps, pick any one: 

  1. A class link: Google Classroom
  2. A class code: 2p3molj.  Go to and sign into your gmail account.  At the top of the page look for a plus sign (+), click it to "join class" and enter your code
  3. An email invitation: send an email request to

To use any of the Food Hero creative materials used in our virtual classroom resources please email