¡Donde los alimentos saludables son divertidos, rápidos, deliciosos y se ajustan a su presupuesto!

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Digital Tools


Online Fillable Worksheets

Poetry - full webpage here: https://foodhero.org/poetry:

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QR Codes

QR codes enable educators to share online content via hardcopy materials. Participants can use a smart device to scan the QR code which will then direct them to the online content.

Virtual Classroom

More coming soon - we are hard at work creating Food Hero virtual classrooms, and components to add into virtual classrooms.  

Great Food Hero resources you can link to in your virtual classroom: https://foodhero.org/kids.  

Oregon Department of Education virtual classroom resources.

Teacher tips from the field: 


Food Hero Video Library

You can find Food Hero videos in a number of ways, categorized differently to help you find what you need:

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Social Media

We create daily engaging, actionable, fun, kid inclusive messages on social media!  

Please join Food Hero and our social media followers today by clicking through to our social media sites on the header of any page of the website.  

PPT Template

NOTE: To edit text in the PPT please be sure you have the OSU approved fonts downloded onto your computer - available here.

Email FHM Signup

Fun fact: we have more than 4,000 Food Hero Monthly email subscribers from more than 40 countries and all US states.  

Background: The sign-up sheets are to be used for collecting email addresses of participants interested in receiving our Food Hero Monthly by email.  Some participants will find the sign-up sheets more convienent than using our online sign-up: http://foodhero.org/monthly.  


Smartphone App

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Photo Releases

Any photo or video used by Food Hero with a model has a photo release, and most likely an OSU release linked below, or in a few cases is a stock photo legally obtained.  

If a photo with a human model/s was taking by someone outside OSU and the creator and distributor of the photo/video has a model release from the person/s there is a chance Food Hero could use their release under the following conditions.  If all the conditions are not met Food Hero would need the person/s in the photo/video to also sign an OSU release.