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What's Cooking?

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Are you an Oregon SNAP-Ed Educator?  

Unit Goals for FFY 2024 - 2025: Administer/collect (20 - 30 per unit) What's Cooking Surveys with adult audiences (English or Spanish). This survey will run continuously during FFY 2024 and 2025.

What's Cooking Survey_ENGLISH
What's Cooking_SPANISH
FH 2024-2025 Evaluation Coversheet
Adult Intercept Protocol

The What’s Cooking? survey builds on questions from the Family Dinner and Cooking Tools Surveys, both of which were field-tested for validity. The WC survey was field-tested with SNAP-Ed educators in December of 2019, and further refined with educator feedback and the following criteria in mind:

1) applies best practice concepts from 12+ years of Food Hero research; 2) tested and approved by Multnomah county food pantry participants (FDS + CTS) or SNAP-Ed educators (What’s Cooking?); 3) designed to be short and easy to comprehend; and 4) enhanced with photos to aid with comprehension.

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