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Onions (Bunching)

Quick Garden Tips

  • Bunching onions are called by different names, including green onions, scallions and spring onions.
  • Bunching onions can be grown outdoors from seed when the soil temperature is at least 50 degrees F. You can also start seeds indoors about 8 to 10 weeks before your planting date and transplant outdoors.
  • Space plants at least 1 inch apart from each other. Water enough to keep the soil evenly moist.
  • Keep weeds away from onion plants. Try spreading mulch, such as chopped straw or leaves, around plants to help keep out weeds and hold in moisture.

Season and Location

  • Plant in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun or part shade.

Container Gardening

  • Bunching onions grow well in containers.
  • Choose a container at least 6 inches deep with holes near the bottom for water drainage.
  • Place container outdoors in full or part sun or indoors near a sunny window.
  • Water regularly to keep the soil from drying out.

Key Pests and Diseases

  • Pests: allium leaf miner, cutworms, onion maggots, slugs, thrips
  • Disease: powdery mildew, rust
  • Leave enough space between plants and keep weeds away.
  • Do not grow onions in the same soil each year.

When to Plant and Harvest Bunching Onions in Oregon

  • Coast: Plant January through May to harvest in March through July.
  • Western Valleys: Plant March through May to harvest in June through July.
  • Central/Eastern (high elevations): Plant May through June to harvest July through August.
  • Columbia and Snake Valleys: Plant Feb through April to harvest April through June.

4 regions of Oregon showing months to plant and harvest bunching onions..

Some Types to Grow

  • He-shi-ko, Ishikura, White Lisbon

When and How to Harvest

  • Harvest any time after the plant is 6 inches high. 
  • Cut off leaves as desired and they will grow back several times during the growing season.
  • When ready to pull up the entire plant, loosen the soil around the onion with a fork.
  • Remove soil from the roots and trim them. Rinse and dry the onions before using or storing.

Storage and Cooking

  • Bunching onions are a common ingredient or garnish in many recipes. The green part is mild and sweet; the white part has more onion flavor.
  • Store bunching onions in a plastic bag in your refrigerator for about 1 week.
  • For longer storage, bunching onions can be frozen to use in cooked dishes. Chop, put on a baking sheet and freeze until firm. Move to a labeled freezer container and use within 4 months.
  • Try this Food Hero recipe: Veggie Quiche Muffins
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