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Grocery Store Tips

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Shop and Save - Corn

❁ Fresh corn has the best flavor and the lowest price when it is in season during the summer in your local area.

❁ Farm stands and farmers markets usually have corn that was picked that day. Corn is usually best when eaten shortly after picking.

Split Peas - Shop and Save

Split Peas Food Hero Monthly

❁ Look for bright-colored split peas, usually green or golden yellow.

❁ Dried split peas are inexpensive and store well.

❁ Split peas are available pre-packaged or in bulk bins

More Whole Grains

Whole Grains

❁ Look for the whole grain stamp on packaged foods.

❁ Use cooked whole grains for salads, breakfast bowls, or a dinner side dish.

❁ Try whole grain pasta. It is firm and has a nutty taste.

Asparagus - Shop and Save!

Asparagus Food Hero Monthly

❁ Look for stalks that are firm with tightly closed tips. Color can be bright green, creamy white or even purple.

❁ Stalks with the same thickness will cook in the same amount of time.

Types of Turnips


There are over 30 varieties of turnips which differ in size, color, flavor and usage.

Types of Kiwi


Fuzzy kiwi - the most common type. They are about the size and shape of a large egg. The brown fuzzy skin is edible but most often removed. The flesh is usually bright green with tiny black seeds. Some varieties have golden flesh.

Peaches - Shop and Save

Peaches Food Hero Monthly

❁ Choose peaches that have an even, creamy gold to yellow color. Some varieties have a red blush but it may not always be a sign of ripeness.