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Coloring Sheets

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Food Hero coloring sheets (printed and online versions) are intended for educational and entertainment purposes. They are not intended to replace hands-on activities in early learning settings, but rather to provide a low-cost printable or online activity for children when hands-on activities are not otherwise available (e.g., during a workshop). Coloring pages can be used to extend discussions about healthy foods and healthy eating.

While children engage in coloring, ask one or more of the following questions: 

  • What are you coloring? 
  • Have you ever tried that food before? 
  • Can you tell me where it comes from? 
  • What is your favorite way to prepare/eat it? 
  • Can you think of another way that someone could cook/make/prepare it?
  • Encourage children to get creative! What are all the different colors that a tomato can be? How about a carrot?
  • Let children know it is okay to color outside of the lines, use imaginary colors, and add their own drawings on the front or back of the page. Can you draw a picture of your favorite meal that includes this food? Can you draw a picture of yourself or your family enjoying this food?