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Time Lapse Recipe Videos

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The Armand Larive Middle School television club in Hermiston, Oregon, partnered with SNAP-Ed, the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council and Umatilla County Plan4Health to produce these 14 (7 English and 7 Spanish) short Food Hero recipe videos. A big thanks goes out to our ALTV Food Heroes!



Broccoli and Everything Salad


Cauliflower Tots


Couscous Salad


Overnight Oatmeal


Popeye Power Smoothie


Potato Wedges


Pumpkin Pudding


This recipe video was created by the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council

Waldorf Salad

This video was created by Phelps County, University of Missouri Extension

Sweet Potato Orange Muffins


Last updated: 09/24/19