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Snap Peas - seed packet

Drawing of snap pea plant with pea pods and white flowers growing on a trellis
Days to Germination
7 to 14 days
Planting Depth
1 inch
Plant Spacing

2 inches

Days to Harvest
70 days

Soak your seeds in water overnight before planting them. This helps them germinate faster. Sow the seeds in spring or late summer directly outside in a spot that gets full sun. Pea plants will perform best when supported by a trellis or tied to a pole. Support two plants at the same time by placing a trellis or pole between them and letting them grow together. Harvest the pea pods frequently to encourage production. When harvesting, do not jerk the pods from the vines. If the plant is handled roughly, it might stop producing peas.  Be gentle when pinching off the pods or cut them from the vines with scissors or pruners

Growing Tips

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Last updated: May 07, 2021
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