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Old Fashioned Garden Mixture

Old Fashioned Garden Mixture

This mixture is a blend of flowers with different blooming times and a wide variety of shapes and colors! The blend includes calendula, bachelor's button, Chinese forget-me-not, mallow-wort, love-in-a-mist. The following components do not exceed 5% of the

Days to Germination
5 to 20 days
Days to Bloom
Plant Spacing

Broadcast (toss out onto the ground)

Flower Height
4 to 6 inches

Lightly rake the soil to loosen it, then broadcast the seed directly into the soil in a sunny location after all chance of frost is past.  To broadcast seeds, scatter them over the area. Next cover them with sand (preferred) or crumbled soil, then press the seeds into the soil by lightly walking over the area. Keep the location you seeded moist for about a week or until you see sprouts.

*These seeds to vary in size, therefore the larger seeds should be planted deeper than the smaller seeds. When broadcasting (lightly sprinkling the seeds on the soil) these seeds, just push the larger seeds deep into the soil with your finger about 4 times as deep as they are wide.

Garden Benefits

These flowers are beautiful to look at and can attract and provide food for various insects and pollinators. Plus, you can make bouquets with them! Remove wilting flowers to encourage more blooms!

Last updated: May 20, 2021
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