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Carrots- seed packet

Danvers (Red and Orange), Long Imperator, Nantes
Drawing of growing carrot plants with orange carrots below ground and green leaves above ground

Size at Maturity: 4 to 8 inches

Days to Germination
8 to 12 days*; Nantes 14 to 25 days
Planting Depth
1/4 to 1/2 inch
Plant Spacing

4 inches

Days to Harvest
70 to 75 days
Best Container Size
At least 12 inches deep for Danver and 14 inches deep for Long Imperator

Sow the seeds directly in the garden in loose soil when all danger of frost is past. Continue to sow seeds until 75 to 77 days before the expected fall frost.

The Long Imperator variety needs deep, loose soil. Don't allow the soil to become muddy or soggy or the carrots may crack. In addition, don’t let this variety mature fully or it will become woody and less flavorful.

Water regularly to keep the soil from drying out. Prior to harvesting, soak the ground to make the carrots easier to pull up.

Growing Tips
  • Use companion plants to help reduce carrot pests such as carrot fly. Plants in the Allium family, such as garlic, onions or chives, will repel these insects.
  • Carrots do not like to be transplanted. If you must transplant them, be careful not to disturb the roots!

*These seeds are easy to sow, with a fun color coating that helps them germinate. However, the coating adds a few days to the germination time as compared to uncoated seeds.

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Last updated: Oct 27, 2020
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