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Food Hero TV Interview:

TV Interview KPIC June 2019

  • Donna Spicer sat down with Sarah McGregor, manager for UCAN food bank, and Amanda Pastoria, the Farmers Market manager for the Umpqua Valley, to discuss the new Food Hero summer program. OSU Extension Service, UCAN Food Bank, and the Umpqua Valley Farmers Market have teamed up this summer to create a Free Kids Passport Program. With the Food Hero Passport, kids are able to receive a stamp and two dollars when they try the food being promoted at each Farmers Market.

Food Hero Extension Spotlight AM1360 KOHU/KQFM

Extension Spotlight April 2019

Jennifer Colton from the Odds and Ends Program speaks with Angie Treadwell with OSU Extension Service. Angie and Jennifer further discuss Food Hero’s involvement with Oregon State University’s Day of Giving, Food Hero’s cookbook, National Screen Free Week, and upcoming Food Hero activities for families in downtown Hermiston.

Food Hero Extension Spotlight AM1360 KOHU/KQFM

Extension Spotlight March 2019

Jennifer Colton on The Odds and Ends Program interviews Sharon Waldern with Good Shepard Education Department to discuss Colorectal Cancer Month. Sharon explains the symptoms and warning signs of cancer in both men and women and urges people to have frequent colorectal screenings due to the increasing prevalence of colorectal cancer.

Food Hero Extension Spotlights KYTE-FM

Extension Spotlight May 2019

  • Stephanie Russell with OSU Extension Service discusses how you can find low cost, healthy recipes, and cooking tips at She briefly mentions that Food Hero’s featured food this month is chicken and describes how easy the Southwestern Style Rice Bowl recipe is to make!
  • Extension Spotlight May Transcript

Extension Spotlight June 2019

  • On this radio show, Stephanie Russell with OSU Extension Service mentions that if you are looking for tasty, healthy recipes that will help you save money and time, you should head on over to There Stephanie says you will find hundreds of cost-effective recipes and cooking tips. This month Food Hero’s featured food is banana, which are a good source of potassium and offer protection against heart disease.
  • Extension Spotlight June Transcript

Approved PSA 2017 Metro for Multnomah and Washington Counties:

Wish you had an idea for dinner? Go online to Food Hero dot O-R-G and learn how to make delicious, healthy food that your family will love. Food Hero’s an easy to use online resource that will help you save time and money while making simple, low-cost tasty meals. W-W-W dot Food Hero dot O-R-G. A message from O-S-U Extension funded by U-S-D-A SNAP, an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Click to listen to our radio media:

Food Hero Radio Interview:

How would you like to be a hero in your house? With a single click of a mouse, you can put on the apron of "Food Hero." Food Hero is easy to use an online resource that will help you save time and money while making simple, tasty, low cost- and most importantly - healthy meals for your family. Go online to Food Hero dot org today.

Food Hero Radio Interview:

Lauren Tobey, the current Food Hero Social Marketing Coordinator at OSU joins Metroscope host Ted Douglas, to discuss the inspiration and process of starting the Food Hero social marketing campaign. Tobey describes the goal of Food Hero is to help families budget, plan, and create healthy and tasty meals. Check out for countless recipes the whole family will love! 

Food Hero Radio Interview:

Tracy Berry, the host of Community Forum sits down with Halie Cousineau, a Food Hero gardener, to discuss the OSU Grow This Garden Challenge!  The project was largely inspired by the pandemic, but has since grown and OSU is so excited to have so many eager participants this year.  Halie discusses the many resources that are being provided to those with gardening aspirations as well as shares some of her own tips from 7 years of professional farming experience.  

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