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Older Adults - Moving More

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Focus on Moving More

Move more throughout your day. 

Break up your sitting time with activity snacks!

  • Activity snacks are one or two minutes of movement that make you breathe harder and get your heart pumping. Include them throughout your day to reduce the amount of time you are not moving.
  • Activity snacks are a quick and fun way to care for your health. By interrupting and reducing the time you spend being still, you can manage your risk for a variety of health problems, including high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease, diabetes and loss of strength.
  • Activity snacks include all sorts of movement such as routine chores or tasks, hobbies and exercises.

older woman sweepingolder man dancing with granddaughterolder man gardeningolder man climbing stairsolder man in wheelchair raising armsolder couple sit and stand from chair

It's never too late to move more.

  • Any amount and type of activity can benefit people at all stages of life.
  • Moving more each day can make it easier to do tasks such as grocery shopping and
    preparing meals.
  • Choose to move in ways that you enjoy and that fit into your daily routine.
  • Make activity snacks social by including a friend or family member.
  • Hourly activity snacks can help you meet the Physical Activity Guidelines.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults 65+

  • Sit less and move more!
  • At least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity activity, such as brisk walking.
  • At least 2 days a week of activities that strengthen muscles.
  • Include activities that improve balance, such as standing on one foot.

Tips for Activity Snacks

Get up and move your body for just a few minutes at a time! Anything that gets your heart beating faster and your muscles working harder counts. A little movement is better than none.

  • Set a timer to move every 30 to 60 minutes. If you are already moving, great! If not, help yourself to an activity snack in your home or outside.
  • Pause regularly and move around to interrupt your sitting time when watching a screen or reading. Try an exercise for arms or legs, with or without weights.
  • Make active choices! Activity snacks can include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, moving yourself to the mailbox rather than driving, or parking farther away at the store.

Classics Stay Strong

  • Activity snacks are a good to way add movement if you haven’t been active for a while.
  • Mix up your activity by using different muscle groups such as arms, shoulders, legs and hips.
  • Try setting an activity goal that is manageable and that you can be excited about.
  • Drink water or other unsweetened beverages for good hydration.
  • Try planning for easy and delicious food snacks when you plan your meals.

Set a Daily Goal

How will you add activity snacks into your routine each day? Write down a few activities you can do and when you will do them to break up your time sitting still.

Activity #1: _____________________ How long? _____________________ When? ______________________
Activity #2: _____________________ How long? _____________________ When? ______________________
Activity #3: _____________________ How long? _____________________ When? ______________________

How about food snacks? 

Food snacks make it easier to get enough daily nutrients. if you find yourself eating smaller meals, include a snack between each meal. Try cottage cheese with fruit, deviled eggs, a smoothie or toast with peanut butter.

dish of cottage cheese with fruitplate of deviled eggsglass of smoothietoast with peanut butter



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