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Fruits and Vegetables for Families

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The Umatilla Morrow SNAP-Ed unit partnered with the UMCHS, Inc. WIC to create the Fruits and Veggies for Families program.  WIC participants with targeted health and food insecurity risk factors are enrolled in the program and receive monthly produce distributions paired with cooking classes featuring Food Hero recipes and resources.  Watch this video to learn more!

To drive through the Hood River Valley is to witness the bounty of the land. Pear and apple orchards, plus vineyards, stretch for miles. But against this cornucopia, there is hunger: A 2015 survey found that 34 percent of people in the region worry about running out of food, and 15 percent actually ran out of food in the previous month. A coalition of groups—from health care providers to a network of farmers—came up with a way to address the problem. They mapped out “Veggie Rx,” a fruit and vegetable prescription program designed to increase intake of fresh produce.



Last updated: 03/02/20