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Potatoes - seed packet

Potatoes Illistration
Días para la germinación
12 to 16 days
Profundidad de plantación
3 to 5 inches
Espaciamiento de plantas

6 to 12 inches

Días para cosechar
60 to 90 days

Sow the seed pieces directly outside or in a pot when the daytime temperatures reach 60 degrees F. Plant small seed potatoes (or pieces of larger seed potatoes) with 2 to 3 eyes in each piece. Plant them 3 to 5 inches deep and 6 to 12 inches apart. Water as needed to keep the soil damp but not flooded.  When the plant is about 6 inches tall, pile a few inches of soil or clean straw around the main stem to form a hill. Add to the hill several times throughout the season.

Consejos de cultivo

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Last updated: May 07, 2021