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COVID Educator Ideas

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Hello we are so glad you are part of the Food Hero family!  

In the table below you will find some Food Hero (FH) work from home ideas for educators in no particular order.
For all of these you can send a photo or video to the Food Hero team, such as through the email  Please send anything in English, Spanish or bilingual.  And in many cases you can involve children in these activities if desired.  In the photo browser you will see some examples that have been submitted so far!  The Food Hero team will continue to add to this page.  

Color FH Coloring Sheets

Share Your Art – of any medium related to Food Hero messaging such as featured ingredients, cooking skills, physical activity

Follow and engage with FH Social Media – commenting, liking, sharing

Cook FH Recipes and add your recipe comment/s to the website – or if you have cooked the recipe in the past you can still add a comment now.  Also, if you find any issues with a recipe please share that in an email to  Also if you want to cook a recipe that has no existing recipe comments that would be appreciated.

Review Spanish in FH Recipes for translation and adherence to the FH Spanish-English glossary, to start send an email to  

Create Food Hero recipe or cooking skill videos!  To get started send your idea/s to the Food Hero email address:

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Kids Art from Umatilla County
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