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Cooking From Your Pantry

pantry staples within a carboard box placed on a blue, hard surface
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Join us for Cooking From Your Pantry! We will learn to make easy and nourishing meals using pantry staples. These classes focus on foods available from the Oregon Food Bank network!

In this monthly online class, you'll learn:

  • To prepare tasty, wholesome meals and snacks from pantry staple ingredients.
  • Tips and skills from that will help you save money, energy and time on food preparation.

We share recipes using common kitchen ingredients and foods from local food pantries. Thank you to Columbia and Clatsop food banks for the food for these classes!

This class will be held on Zoom and registration is required. You may register for one, some or all sessions offered.

For assistance, please contact the class instructors:

Emily Reilly - or 503-325-8573 ext. 263

Lily Joslin - or 503-397-3462


Paid for in part by USDA SNAP.

OSU Extension Service prohibits discrimination in all its programs, services, activities and materials. This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

Accommodation requests related to a disability or dietary restriction should be made to instructors when registering.