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Food Hero Bulletin Board Toolkit 

Food Hero Bulletin Board Toolkit Overview and Checklist

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Bulletin Board Amazing


Extras available:

Food Fork Image for Small Boards

Labels for file folders

Shutterstock images: http://bit.ly/featured_food_images.

Pinterest link: www.pinterest.com/foodhero/bulletin-board-inspiration

Pinterest link of Food Hero examples: https://www.pinterest.com/foodhero/food-hero-bulletin-boards/

*For community partner sites that only have electronic space to display Food Hero materials, feel free to download these images and display on a revolving TV screen*


Mini Posters:


Food Hero on Social Media
English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Featured Artist
English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)


High-Speed Handwashing
English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)


What does it mean to be a Food Hero?
English (PDF) | Spanish (Coming soon!)


Last updated: 01/13/17

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