Food Hero Monthly

Food Hero Monthly is an award-winning publication that features recipes and cooking and shopping tips in a magazine format.  Each core issue features an ingredient grown in Oregon, and some special editions feature broader subjects.  We hope you find them helpful in cooking healthy meals for you and your family!

Food Hero Monthly Magazine

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pdf file Apple October 2014
pdf file Asparagus May 2017

pdf file Banana June 2018
pdf file Beans September 2014
pdf file Beets October 2015
pdf file Bell Pepper September 2015
pdf file Berry July 2014
pdf file Blueberries July 2018
pdf file Broccoli December 2016
pdf file Brussels Sprouts November 2017

pdf file Cabbage February 2015
pdf file Carrot Janurary 2015
pdf file Cauliflower September 2016
pdf file Cheese December 2017
pdf file Chicken May 2018
pdf file Corn August 2016
pdf file Cranberry November 2016

pdf file Drink Water Your Way Drink Water Your Way

pdf file Easy Infused Water for Groups Easy Infused Water for Groups
pdf file Eggs March 2018

pdf file Green Bean May 2015
pdf file Ground Beef April 2017

pdf file Healthy and Fun Celebrations Healthy and Fun Celebrations at Home, School or Anywhere

pdf file Kale October 2016
pdf file Kiwi January 2017

pdf file Leafy Greens October 2018
pdf file Leeks March 2017
pdf file Lentils January 2018

pdf file Milk November 2014
pdf file Mushrooms May 2016

pdf file Oat February 2016
pdf file Onion December 2014

pdf file Peach July 2016
pdf file Pears September 2017
pdf file Peas April 2015
pdf file Pizza February 2018
pdf file Potato March 2016

pdf file Radish March 2015

pdf file Salad Greens June 2015
pdf file Salad Greens Growing in Oregon
pdf file Salmon January 2016
pdf file School Snacks School Snacks
pdf file Snack Ideas Snack Ideas Poster
pdf file Spinach December 2015
pdf file Strawberries June 2017
pdf file Summer Squash July 2015
pdf file Summer Squash Growing in Oregon

pdf file Tofu April 2018
pdf file Tomato August 2018
pdf file Tuna October 2017
pdf file Turnips February 2017

pdf file Watermelon August 2017
pdf file Whole Grains September 2018
pdf file Whole Wheat Flour April 2016
pdf file Winter Squash November 2015

pdf file Yogurt June 2016

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