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If I only have 2% milk do I still use the same amount as I would 1% milk?
Made this recipe a couple of years ago.  I got it from the Spanish version calendar, so had to translate some items while I was cooking!  ...
All my kids liked this dish which is a small miracle.  I added diced onion when I browned the meat.
This recipe will be repeated in our house.  I made it without the cheese and added 1 tsp. cinnamon--so delicious!
I love this recipe.  I made it a lot last summer with fresh peaches.  
This is a great recipe:  easy, delicious, and nutritious!   I have made it with white beans, and after Thanksgiving substituted leftover...
Had this for breakfast this morning, it was great! It used apples & bananas, and chopped almonds.
Perfectly delicious! The only complaint we had was that we didn't make enough and were without leftovers.

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