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This page shows all of the Monthly Magazines that we've published.  We hope you find them helpful in cooking healthy meals for you and your family!

Food Hero Monthly Magazine

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pdf file Apple
October 2014

pdf file Asparagus
May 2017

pdf file Beans
September 2014

pdf file Beets
October 2015

pdf file Bell Pepper
September 2015

pdf file Berry
July 2014

pdf file Broccoli
December 2016

pdf file Cabbage
February 2015

pdf file Carrot
Janurary 2015

pdf file Cauliflower
September 2016

pdf file Corn
August 2016

pdf file Cranberry
November 2016

pdf file Drink Water Your Way
Drink Water Your Way

pdf file Easy Infused Water for Groups
Easy Infused Water for Groups

pdf file Eat dark green
March 2012

pdf file Enjoy Winter Squash
October 2013

pdf file Green Bean
May 2015

pdf file Ground Beef
April 2017

pdf file Healthy and Fun Celebrations
Healthy and Fun Celebrations at Home, School or Anywhere

pdf file Healthy Hearts
February 2012

pdf file Kale
October 2016

pdf file Kiwi
January 2017

pdf file Leeks
March 2017

pdf file Milk
November 2014

pdf file Mushrooms
May 2016

pdf file Oat
February 2016

pdf file Onion
December 2014

pdf file Peach
July 2016

pdf file Pears
September 2017

pdf file Peas
April 2015

pdf file Potato
March 2016

pdf file Radish
March 2015

pdf file Salad Greens
June 2015

pdf file Salad Greens
Growing in Oregon

pdf file Salmon
January 2016

pdf file Spinach
December 2015

pdf file Strawberries
June 2017

pdf file Summer Squash
July 2015

pdf file Summer Squash
Growing in Oregon

pdf file Tomato
August 2015

pdf file Turnips
February 2017

pdf file Watermelon
August 2017

pdf file Winter Fruits
January 2012

pdf file Winter Squash
November 2015

pdf file Yogurt
June 2016

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