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Organize Food and Recipes in Your Kitchen

Organize Food and Recipes in Your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen organized makes cooking healthy meals easier, faster and more fun.

Check off the ones you do already.

Look in the fridge. Check your refrigerator and freezer every few days. Use, toss or freeze leftovers. Wipe up spills. Check for vegetables and fruits that need to be used up quickly, and either put them on the menu or freeze them, if possible.  If you’re running low on an ingredient, put it on your shopping list so you don’t forget.

Record recipes. Keep a notebook or file handy with quick, easy recipes that your family loves. When you try new recipes you like, add them to the book or file.  If you register for FoodHero.org you can save your favorite Food Hero recipes in your account.

Keep recipes and cookbooks handy. Purchasing a book or recipe stand can help you keep your favorite recipe or cookbook handy. It will also keep you from spilling food on it while you cook.  Or make one yourself. For example, search for a place to attach a large office clip with a recipe on it in the kitchen such as on the side of a saucepan.  Or simply put a recipe on the fridge with a magnet as you cook.

Keep cupboards stocked with staples. See Food Hero’s tip for stocking your cupboards. Make sure you have “quick to fix” items like pasta, canned vegetables and soups. Keep a marker and masking tape in the kitchen. Use them to label packages and containers with the date you bought them. Then use the oldest items first.

Post your shopping list. Use a magnet to keep your grocery list on the refrigerator. Jot down items you run out of during the week. Ask family members to do the same.  Or you can type items into the Food Hero shopping list on your computer as the file is editable.

Last updated: 03/09/13