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Kitchen Tools Guide

Kitchen Tools Guide

Dollar and discount stores are a great place to shop for these basics. You can also reuse things you already have on hand. Save yogurt and margarine containers for mixing and for storing leftovers. Or use a cup with a handle as a ladle.

           Bread pan

Cake pan

Can opener

Casserole dish

Cleaning: dish soap, scrubber, sponge, towels

Baking sheet

Cooling rack

Cutting board



Kitchen timer

Knives (chefs, paring, serrated bread)

Large pot with top

Measuring cups dry

Measuring spoons

Mixing bowls


Mixing spoons

Muffin tin

Spatula (pancake turner)

Pie pan

Pot holders

Potato masher

Rubber scraper

Saucepan with top




Vegetable peeler



Last updated: 09/16/16