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Ideas for Leftover Vegetables and Fruits

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Ideas for Leftover Vegetables and Fruits

Add leftovers to a recipe and it will save you the time of preparing that ingredient from scratch.  The table below lists some common leftover ingredients and ideas for using them in tomorrow's meals.  On Food Hero, you can use the search bar or “Sort by main ingredient” category lists to find recipes with a certain ingredient. 

Leftover Ingredient Ideas for using in other dishes
Fruit Blend leftover canned fruit and serve over pancakes or waffles or add to recipes for bread or muffins. Use overripe bananas in smoothies or make banana bread or pancakes. Freeze fruit juice in ice cube trays and use the cubes to make smoothies or chilled drinks.
Tomato sauce Use leftover sauce to make English muffin pizzas.
Vegetables Prepare extra vegetables and freeze in small portions. Use for quick side dishes, soups, omelets, casseroles or on top of baked potatoes. Shred leftover carrots or zucchini to use in tomato sauce, muffins or pancakes. Use leftover canned pumpkin in pancakes or muffins.


Last updated: 03/09/13