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California Wonder and Bell Color Mix
Growing Peppers
Days to Germination
10-12 days
Planting Depth
1/2 inch
Plant Spacing

18-20 inches

Days to Harvest
70-80 days
Best Container Size
12 inches or larger

Start the seeds indoors in full sunlight 8 weeks before planting outdoors. Keep the seeds moist. Transplant the seedlings to the garden when they are 3 inches tall. Or sow the seeds directly in the garden in a sunny location after all danger of frost is past. Begin using a balanced fertilizer when the plants are 6 inches tall to increase production.

Growing Tips

Plant hot and sweet peppers in separate areas to avoid cross-pollination. Pick peppers regularly for increased yields.

*These seeds are easy to sow, with a fun color coating that helps them germinate. However, the coating adds a few days to the germination time as compared to uncoated seeds.

Last updated: Oct 27, 2020