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Recipes Kids Love

recipes kids loveWhen you're focused on your family, you want to make sure they are eating right.  What recipes will your kids love?  Kids are difficult to satisfy when it comes to eating healthy.  We've gathered a huge selection of great recipes that your kids will certainly enjoy eating.  Typically kids are drawn towards junk food, because it's high in sugar or sodium, and of course it's packaged up with their favorite celebrities or characters on the box.  But of course sugary and fatty foods are not the best kind of food to give our kids.  Everyone is looking for great recipes that kids would enjoy, and that's what we're all about at Food hero.  So stay a while and browse from our list of recipes - feel free to leave comments.  We would especially like to know - how did your kids react if you tried out our recipes on them?  We feel confident that you'll find something here they will enjoy and even love. 

Last updated: 10/17/13