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November grow month
  • Cover your garden soil with leaves to build it up over the winter.
  • No need to chop the leaves: there may be butterfly cocoons on them!
  • Clean your tools and put them away for the winter.
  • Bring container plants inside so that they can continue growing. But first, spray them down with a strong spray of water to avoid bringing pests inside.
  • Storing vegetables over the winter? Check them to make sure they are free of bugs and mold.
Kids Can!
Don't toss those pumpkins in the trash! Show kids how to compost jack-o-lanterns.
Where is your garden?
Oregon has four growing regions. Choose vegetable varieties and planting dates suitable to the growing conditions in your area:
Garden Zones Map
  1. Oregon coast: cool, long season of 190-250 days.
  2. Western valleys: 150-250 day season; warm days, cool nights; length of season varies year to year.
  3. High elevations: short growing season of 90-120 days; frost can occur during any month.
  4. Columbia and Snake River valleys: 120-200-day season; hot days, warm nights; length of season fairly well defined.