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Beets Image
  • Beets should be round and firm with smooth skins and a deep color. If the greens are attached, they should be fresh, not wilted.
  • Small to medium sized beets (up to 2½ inches across) have better flavor. Choose beets that are about the same size so they will cook evenly. The larger the beet, the longer the cooking time will be.
  • Fresh beets are available year round but might be cheaper and fresher in summer and early fall!
  • Buying canned beets might save you money and time.
  • 1 pound fresh beets = 2 medium beets with tops = 3 medium, trimmed = 2 cups sliced or diced 15 ounce can of beets = about 1 cup drained.

❁ Beets are a good source of riboflavin, which helps build healthy red blood cells.

Last updated: 07/12/17