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Types of Lentils

Assorted Lentils
Jan 01
  By lundeenh

❁ Lentils do not need to be soaked, and cook more quickly than beans.

❁ Check the package or bulk bin for cooking time.

  1. Brown lentils—flat shape; tan color; most common type; labeled as “Lentils”; cost the least; mild flavor; keep their shape unless cooked for a long time or at a rapid boil.
  2. Green lentils—flat shape; pale green color; widely available; mild flavor; keep their shape.
  3. French green lentils (de Puy)—small; dark green; peppery taste; keep their shape but have a slightly longer cooking time.
  4. Red lentils—red, orange, or yellow; turn golden when cooked; mild, slightly sweet flavor. Red lentils are split, so they cook quickly but can become mushy.
  5. Black lentils (Beluga)—small and round; black, shiny; strong earthy flavor; often more expensive; longer cooking time.