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Types of Caneberries - Raspberries and Blackberries

Berry Basics
Mar 25
  By Savannah

Raspberries and blackberries are caneberries, which grow on long arching or trailing stems called canes.

Raspberries have a hollow center when picked. Red varieties are the most common, but other colors (black, purple, gold) might be found at farmers markets or farm stands.

Blackberries have a different flavor from black raspberries and a solid center when picked. Marionberry is a variety of blackberry developed and grown in Oregon.

Loganberries and Boysenberries are well known blackberry/raspberry hybrids. They have solid centers like blackberries. Loganberries are oblong dark wine red fruits with more juice and sharper flavor than raspberries. Boysenberries have large reddish purple fruit.