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The Parent Teacher Connection - School Snacks

parent teacher connection
Mar 25
  By Savannah

Every bite counts! Help kids eat more fruits and vegetables by bringing them into the classroom as a snack. Here’s how:

❁ Check to see if your school has any rules for bringing in food. Does anyone in the class have a food allergy or follow a special diet? Offer to provide a list of the ingredients in your snack.

❁ Keep it cool. Is a refrigerator available to store perishable snack ingredients?

❁ Make it easy and low cost. For example, giving each child a few slices of green and red apples might require only 4 to 6 apples.

❁ Team up with other parents to bring the ingredients needed for a recipe or snack. Try vegetables with ranch dip or trail mix with different kinds of dried fruit or cereals.