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January Gardening Social Media

Mar 24
  By EliannaCoulton


Planning New Year goals? How about growing some of your own food? One great way to start is by joining the Grow This! Oregon Garden Challenge tomorrow. You'll get free seeds and tips and tricks on how to grow them! #growthis! #happynewyear #newyearsresolution


What are microgreens? They are baby plants or shoots that are harvested and eaten when they're just a few inches tall. Microgreens are full of nutrients and flavor. Do you have any seeds left over from last year? Many will work well for microgreens. #microgreens


Want to learn more about microgreens? Watch our Oregon Harvest for Schools YouTube video! #microgreens



Check out our microgreens seed-packet page to find out where and how to grow your own microgreens. And sign up for Grow This! #growthis! #microgreens


Wondering what types of microgreens to grow? For a mild flavor, try peas, sunflower, broccoli, and chia. For a spicy flavor, try a radish such as daikon, arugula, and mustard greens. #microgreens


Seeds from past growing seasons work great for growing microgreens! Don’t forget to sign up for this year's Grow This! Challenge. #growthis!


Warmer winter days are perfect for getting outside and working on your garden: fix a fence, build a new raised bed, or simply clean out pots and get them ready for spring. #growthis! #gardenprep


Microgreen seeds and seedlings can rot or get moldy if the soil is too wet and cold. The best way to water growing microgreens is with a spray bottle. #microgreens


In a home garden or even a school or community garden, a full seed packet of seeds might be too much for planting at one time or in one season. Check out our NEW Garden Tip Sheet - Divide Up a Seed Packet to learn what you can do with extra seeds.


Check out our Gardening Tip Sheet on microgreens for many growing tips! #microgreens #gardening #learntogarden


Have you ever wondered if your seeds will grow plants? We have a new GardenTip Sheet that includes an activity to test seed viability and germination rate. Check it out!



If the ground is bare of snow, this might be a great time to get rid of the weeds in your garden. The work now will save you the trouble of dealing with them later on. #growthis! #weeding #gardenprep