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Growing in Oregon - Carrots

Carrots in the Garden
May 07
  By Savannah

Season and Location

✿ Carrots can be planted from the spring into mid-summer

✿ Carrots like full sun, but can tolerate some shade.

Container Gardening

✿ Carrots don’t take a lot of space, so can be grown in containers. Choose one of the shorter carrot types (Chantenay, Nantes, or Thumbelina), and a container at least 12 inches deep.

Key Pests and Diseases

Carrots are prone to carrot fly, wire worms, symphylans, cabbage maggots, onion maggots and other pests. To help repel pests plant carrots with plants in the Allium family (companion planting), such as garlic, onions or chives.