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Garlic - Quick Garden Tips

Garlic Gardening Basics
May 07
  By Savannah

1 Garlic is grown from cloves, not seeds. It is easy to grow—great for beginning gardeners.

2 Plant cloves so that the pointy tip—where the sprout comes out—is facing upward.

3 Space cloves 4 inches apart.

4 Fertilizing garlic helps bulbs reach full size. Add fertilizer about 2 to 4 inches from the side of the stem (also known as ‘side dressing’) in early spring, and then again as the day length starts to increase in May.

5 Although you can try planting garlic cloves from the grocery store, these have often been treated so that they won’t sprout new growth. Instead, plant cured garlic cloves from a local nursery, or that you saved from last year’s garlic crop